Personal Injury & Wrongful Death


Personal Injury and Wrongful Death

Personal injury and wrongful death law is a legal attempt to compensate a victim, or put them back in the same place they were prior to injury.

That is not always possible. No amount of money can compensate someone for the loss of a loved one, or a catastrophic injury.

David knows this, first hand. When David was still a baby, he lost his dad in a farming accident. While there is no amount of money or legal justice that can ever compensate for something like that, David’s mom struggled financially with five children at that time. This area of the law can and does help families heal financially, particularly whenever the person who has been killed or injured was an income earner.

Before David graduated law school, he had the unique opportunity to work under one of the Nation’s top personal injury and wrongful death trial attorneys. David learned a lot, and brings those lessons with him to his own practice in Louisville, KY.

If you or a loved one has been injured by another person’s negligence, or misconduct, we may be able to help.


Practice areas:
1. All wrongful death
2. Negligent security
3. Catastrophic injuries
4. Fires and explosions
5. Mesothelioma
6. Cancer misdiagnosis
7. Personal injury
8. Car, truck, motorcycle crashes
9. School injuries
10. Defective products
11. Sexual abuse
12. Toxic exposure
13. Drownings
14. Rape in apartment buildings or universities
15. Premises liability
16. Police brutality
17. Mass tort*

Please contact a licensed if you have been injured and wish to seek compensation.  With many injuries, Kentucky has a relatively small window of time in which you are able to seek compensation. Thus, time may be of the essence.  If you miss a deadline to initiate your case, your opportunity for compensation is lost forever.


Mass Tort

A “mass tort” is a single wrongful event that injuries many different people. A few examples are a hair product company selling a product that causes women to develop uterine cancer, a railroad company who failed to inspect the brakes on their train, or a chemical company that leaks dangerous chemicals into a small town’s drinking water. In either case, one wrongful event can cause injury to dozens of people at the same time. If you know of or suspect a situation like this, we may be able to assist you.