Business Litigation & Consumer Protection

The freedom to build your own business, and the financial opportunity it presents, has drawn people from around the world to the United States of America for centuries. With the right attitude, and the right work ethic, you can make your dreams a reality here.

Free enterprise does not come without risk, though. The path, especially in the beginning, is not always easy. Market forces, and competition, can be challenging enough. Legal issues can make those challenges much worse. Our firm is knowledgeable about issues facing business owners in our communities. We are able to help protect business owners, so they can continue doing what they do best; producing products and services that keep our economy running.

We also are also able to help protect individuals from unfair business practices, and defective products. If your family business is dealing with a legal issue, we will listen to your story, and determine if there is a legal remedy for you. If so, we will go to work for you.

1. Breach of contract, and contract negotiation;

2. Business litigation;

3. Business representation;

4. Unfair business practices;

5. Anti-competitive business practices;

6. Non-compete agreements;

7. Selling your products or services across state or international lines;

8. Banking and finance;

9. Breach of fiduciary duty;

10. Class actions;

11. Defective products;

12. Property disputes;

13. Legal compliance, and more.