June 1, 2023

Founding attorney David Borum recently settled a large employment law claim with a large company in Kentucky.  Some considered the result shocking, as the evidence did not always appear to favor the Plaintiff.  The terms of the settlement, and parties involved are confidential, but the final settlement amount was ten times greater than the Defendant initially offered.  The Defendant ultimately paid two and a half times more than what the Plaintiff had initially asked for.

“It’s a great result for our client.  The Defense did an excellent job of hiding their hand, but we just kept fighting.  The lessons, for me, are first, you have to listen to your client.  You definitely need to verify what they’re saying, but it’s important you really listen to them.  Second, you have to be willing to go to trial and lose.  Unless the Defendant understands you have nothing to lose, they will push you around.  And finally, keep digging and keep asking questions because things aren’t always what they appear to be,” Borum said.